Which video card is better?

Hello, I know nothing about graphics cards. Which is better? An MSI NX8600 GTS Video card or an Asus EAH4350??
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  1. Well, 8600GTS is better than HD4350.
    But 8600GTS is a low end gaming card for today's standard, you will better with newer tech like GT240 or HD5670.
    What is your FULL specs including monitor? budget?
  2. I did a rebuild from an old system - I had an old 775-880 Dual Pro Mobo with a P4 3.0 GHZ Prescott processor with HT, my 8600 GTS, and 2x1 GB DDR2 Corsair XMS2 Memory at 800 mhz, a 450W PSU, and a Sylvania 17" PD-80A monitor which has a max resolution of 1280x1024. I also used an 80GB WD HDD and a 250 Seagate, although I don't know the speeds on the drives.

    I built a new machine on a budget: MOBO: ASUS M4785T-M/CSM, an Antec 650W PSU, AMD Athlon II X4 635 Processor at 2.9 GHZ, 2x 2GB Kingston RAM (dont know the speed of the top of my head), then re-used my HDD's monitor and video card. I had that other video card lying around and didn't know which one was better.

    When I get some more money, I'm going to upgrade my drives, probably to 2x 1TB. I also want to install another 4GB of RAM and upgrade the video card. Any reccomendations for what I should get?
  3. Okay, your system is good, if you want to stay with 17" monitor then you can go with GT240 or HD5670, that's should enough to handle most of games with HIGH/MED setting on your resolution...
  4. +1^
    You can run games fine on medium/high with either GT 240/HD 5670 at your current resolution.
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