Throwing together a system for light gaming / HTPC

I got my girlfriend addicted to CoD, and now she wants an HTPC that can handle some amount of light gaming too. This is what I plan on getting. Any suggestions would be appreciated:

Note: Also, its important the PC has some scope to upgrade in the future.

Budget: $ 500 max, $ 450 preferred.

Chassis: Thermaltake Lanbox Lite VF6000BWS
Price: $ 74.99
Notes: Chose this over standard Micro ATX cabinets so we can upgrade in future. It doesn't get too cramped inside, and looks good too.

PSU: Corsair HX Series 520W
Price: $ 90.00
Notes: Going for 520W keeping in mind some upgrades in the future. Is it too much?

Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 940 BE Socket AM2+ 125W OEM
Price: $ 95.99
Notes: Pretty sure this part needs to be changed. I'm thinking socket AM3, and maybe something with lesser wattage. It should be powerful enough to handle 1080p and some games though. Possibly OEM, because I have the Heatsink and fan from my gaming build (I use liquid cooling).

HSF: Zalman 8700 NT Low profile HSF
Price: $ 39.99
Notes: Would this be required or would the stock HSF be good enough. I kept in mind that being a small chassis, heat accumulation would be more. However, I've never really used the stock HSF to be able to judge how they perform.

Motherboard: ASRock K10N78M-PRO AM3/AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Price: $ 51.99
Notes: Would it be possible to get a 790 / 890 series motherboard at a similar price?

GPU: Zotac GeForce GT430
Price: $ 84.99
Notes: Would have settled for on-board but they won't handle games at all, which she wants.

RAM: G Skill 2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
Price: $ 52.99
Notes: 4 GB will be enough, for sure. The question is, should I go for 2GB? The money I save, will it be worth it? I will be running a 64 bit OS.

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 750GB
Price: $ 59.99
Notes: 750 GB will be enough. No plans to be recording TV shows etc.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not very familiar with budget components, so I'm not confident of my choices.
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  1. 1) That motherboard only supports DDR2, no use for that, try...

    2) Maybe try a 555BE, it would give you lower watts for now, and (maybe) add a core or two down the road. Otherwise a Regor for now and put your HSF on it for a mild OC, which should be beefier than what it comes with.

    2) Don't get the 430. Please. Look for a 5550 or 5570, or if you want to stay with NVidia pick up a used 8800 derivitive, tons of NVidia people are unloading them to pick up GTX460's et. al

    3) No reason to drop to 2GB, if you are looking to trim some cost, the case would be an easy place to start. Dropping the aftermarket HSF until you need to overclock could get you there as well.
  2. Ouch no to GT430 ..poor returns $$/frames for $85

  3. If you have a MicroCenter near you then pull one of their AM3 platform CPU + MB combos. The "entry level" MSI board is fine... An X2 560 with that MSI board will run you around $100 after rebate. Or the X4 965 is $160 after rebate.

    Also, you can get a 5570 today only @ Newegg for $35.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Unfortunately missed out on the 5570deal at $35. That sounds like an incredible price.
  5. FYI, the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB is currently on sale for the 500 GB price.

    Spinpoint F3 1 TB for $55 - jump on that price and don't look back.
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