GTX295 vs GTX480 On FSX

Hi to all in to the Greece...I have pny-gtx 295x2 an i running fsx good in in 1920x1200 and AA is off, but the others all is configuration maximum performance. I have inside included all sceneries (Greece, London,Germany, etc), many aircraft, add-on's, REX2, etc. If someone test nvidia 480 on fsx the same configuration pls tell me....Thanks

My system is :

Windows:7 Ultimate 64-bit
memory:4 dimm 2gb (dual channel) corsair dominator 1066 ddr2 (8gb)
mobo:asus p5q
processor:intel Core 2 Duo E8500
graphic:pny-gtx 295x2
power supply:Thermaltake Tough Power 850 XT PSU
view:iiyama ProLite B2403WS 24'
connection:HDMI to HDMI
internet:Conn-x 24mbs
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    It isn't worth it to replace your cards with 1 GTX 480. FSX is a CPU-limited game, so getting a quad core CPU will help you more than getting a VGA.
  2. thanks my friend
  3. What Maziar said .... but to compare the two GFX cards, you might wanna look at the chart here:,2732-7.html
  4. know someones who is the card the best in to FSX ?
  5. to change GTX295x2 or no?
  6. Get a new cpu and stay with your current card. It is poor judgment to buy a new card for a cpu limited game. Also throw in a SDD for FSX as it reads the disk a lot.
  7. yes my friend i know, but...if change cpu i change all motherboard, memory and not good to sound for maybe to go buy 1 ssd near in week.....thanks
  8. Your Motherboard supports the Q9xxx quads.Get a Q9550 and you should be fine with FSX.You would not have to upgrade any other component.
  9. +1^
    Like i said FSX is a CPU-limited game so changing your cards aren't worth it.Get a quad core CPU and you'll be fine.
  10. Good thought my friend, the Christmas rather I will buy Core 2 Quad Q9650 (3.0 ghz). it shows that it accepts him my motherboard (asus p5Q)
  11. If you can find it for a good price,then definitely go for it,it will give you a good boost in performance.
  12. Also a GTX295x2 is a monster setup even today! So you wont be facing any problems with Frame Rates!

    How much electricity bill you get every month? :)
  13. Ηe exists certain comparative in order to we see how much is in my interest this upgrade the 2 cpu's ?. How much that is to say they will be increased the output in FSX
  14. Once again the secret to decent or better fps in FSX is a good cpu pared with a quick SSD for paging since most hard drives barely manage KB/s under random 4k read and writes while SSD are usually 10x as fast in that area while easily double the sequential read and occasionally writes as well on the high end models. Treat FSX as one does the hog that is GTA IV.
  15. I finally changed my system: 2 hard disc WD abyss 500 giga in raid intel Core 2 quad 9650 3ghz, Msi GTX 480 and Samsung syncmaster T260 26''. fsx it runs much better and it fills more fast terrain load specifically in cities that it has a lot of buildings...thanks to all

    my system is now......

    Windows:7 Ultimate 64-bit
    memory:corsair dominator 1066 ddr2 8gb dual channel
    mobo:asus p5q
    processor:intel Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650
    graphic:Msi GTX480
    hard disc:2 Western Digital RE3 500GB HDD (Sata 2, WD5002ABYSS)in RAID
    power supply:ENERMAX 1000W GALAXY
    view:Samsung syncmaster T260 26''
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