Using an ATI HD5670 with a 300watt PSU


I have a Dell Inspiron 580 with a i5 750, 6Gb Ram and 2 optical drives. Would the 300watt PSU cope with an ATI HD5670??

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  1. You should have a min of 400W PSU
  2. how many amps are on the 12v rail? the 5670 gets all of its power from the pci-e slot so it should work.
  3. Yes.

    Dell PSUs are actually pretty good. They are a little conservative when it comes to the PSU rating. I'm not saying your 300w PSU is actually a 400W PSU; more like maybe 330w.

    Overall, your system does not draw too much power. However, if you were considering the HD 5750, then I would recommend a PSU upgrade or simply say, "No".
  4. HD5670 is a very efficient card and yes you can use 300W PSU to run that card...
  5. wa1 said:
    HD5670 is a very efficient card and yes you can use 300W PSU to run that card...

  6. a hd 5670 512mb card requires atleast a 400w power supply mininum
  7. I've got an inspiron 546 with the same PSU, and my new sapphire hd5670 is working just fine. Even when I overclock it with AMD Overdrive.
  8. Dell PSUs are way underated.
    I use and fix Dells extensively
    Currently I have a Sapphire HD 4650 in a Dell Optilplex 745.
    The PSU is 280w.
    I pin modded and OCd my CPU from 1.8 to 2.4 ghz
    and also OC my GPU.
    Everything runs smooth.
    In my old Dell Precision 450 I had multiple optical and HDs plus GPU and Soundcard
    and according to PSU calculator
    is said I needed minimal 475w.
    I ran that system for years with original PSU and it is still working!
    Dell PSUs if I got it right are Fortrons which is a good brand name.
    I would stick with cards that dont need external power if you do not have the plug on the PSU.
    You should be fine.
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