Which windows is better for gaming

i can't run any game on window 7
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  1. What games are you trying to play? What are your system specs?
  2. Which windows is better for gaming? - Win7 home premium x64bit : )

    I can't run any game on window 7 - Why ? Any error?
  3. Do u have a x32 or x64 bit version?
  4. Also what is your system spec?

    Did you install your graphic driver and DX and install them correctly?
  5. Win 7 ultimate 64 bit best for playing games, because it has direct x 11.
  6. Quote:
    Win 7 ultimate 64 bit best for playing games, because it has direct x 11.

    ALL versions of Windows 7 have DirectX 11.

    In fact, EVEN Windows Vista has DirectX 11.

    Why on earth would you think that DX11 was Windows Ultimate Exclusive? (Unless you work for MS marketing and get a commission for selling the OP an overly expensive version of Windows 7)

    Home Premium x64 will do you fine. Check your video drivers are up to date before trying to play games.
  7. Fortunately all W7 have DirectX 11 : )
  8. i think he is trolling... i mean the lack of info?
  9. yeah he will be trolling, never had any problems with games on win7 x64 professional (would run home premium but i got it cheap because im a student)

    if you have kids at school or your at school then you can qualify for the offer

    the only difference between home premium and professional is the (windows virtual pc) which is rubbish and very slow

    and bitlocker is exclusive to ultimate

    bitlocker is rubish look at truecrypt for example if you want a decent encryption program, it might not be updated very often but it wont be broken by ordinary mortals, took the police over a year of trying to break into it and they still failed in that time
  10. Hello,
    window 7 64edition
    2.66 processor 4 GB RAM 1 Graphic card. i tried to run cricket 07 call of duty fifa GTA STREAM.. etc
  11. i do have one more question that should i exchange core i5 with i7? while i5 have 2.6processor and i seven has 1.73.
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