Need help! cheap build for starcraft 2

Approximate Purchase Date: on black friday

Budget Range: $700

System Usage from Most to Least Important: For starcraft 2.

Parts Not Required:monitor.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: and

Country of Origin: US, ca

Parts Preferences: i dont know much about computer parts so i will leave this part to you.

Overclocking: maybe. << whats this?

SLI or Crossfire: Not sure about this

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, 1920x1200

Additional Comments: i hope you guys would help me with this. thanks in advance
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  1. $656AR
  2. SC2 doesn't use more than 2 cores so I went with a triple (theres a chance this can unlock to a quad) rather than a full fledged quad to get under budget before rebates and save more after.

    $669.91 --> $604.91 AR

    10% off w/ promo code nov68, ends 11/22 (For the PSU if you buy it today!)
  3. @batuchka
    this is from what site?

    what do you mean by2 sc2 doenst use more than 2 cores but you went triple cores? this is from what site?
  4. Egg USA ^^
  5. oh cool, hmm what if i want to add a LCD? what do you recommend based from my specs of my cpu?

    SC2 doesn't use more than 2 cores. Its great to have the extra core for your OS, back round applications, etc.,2728-9.html

    Edit: With luck you might be able to unlock the triple into a quad ;)

    21.5 - 23" (1920x1080)
  7. I would hit a juicy 23" LCD at least ^^
  8. @karma831

    oh now i get it. thanks for clearing up my mind. how bout for the graphics? is my graphic card enough to handle ultra settings?
  9. @batuchka

    what brand? samsung or something?
  10. That would depend on your budget but i would look at EMachines/Acer for starters
  11. oh. ok ok. so any brand will do? it all dpends on the budget right? haha.
  12. You would want to read the specs like connectivity, etc as well but ya budget plays a part as well hehe
  13. You should really try to buy your monitor in store so you can check it out first. A lot of the time monitors will have great looking specs but are very disappointing when they arrive at your home.
  14. ok ok, Question: Why did you suggest amd? is it because of the budget or it fits well with my gaming requirements?
  15. @Karma831

    ok ok ill keep that in mind. thanks for reminding me :)
  16. chinitams said:
    ok ok, Question: Why did you suggest amd? is it because of the budget or it fits well with my gaming requirements?

    Both. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between these CPUs and an i7 in gaming.

    AMD gets you the best bang for your buck. :D
  17. oh i see. they always say that intel is better than amd so i asked that question. haha. they keep telling me that i should get intel not amd. haha
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