How do i stop my screen from rolling/flickering?

Hi there. I'm using an ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series graphics card, and when I'm connected to my computer screen I get a minute rolling effect on my screen. I've tried changing the refresh rate and it didn't do anything. I recently connected it up to my new 40" LED TV and it was a lot worse with big white rolling lines. If anyone could help that would be awesome! Thanks!
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  1. What monitors are you using? How are you connecting them? Any chance anything might be broken? (meaning used.)
  2. I'm using a BENQ G900W LCD Monitor connected via VGA cable. I only used the VGA to connect it to the TV, didn't try the HDMi cable as of yet. I don't think anything is broken. I tried a different VGA cable but I'm not at my flat at the moment (with the TV) to try that out.
  3. Has anyone got any tips?
  4. Yes, don't bump your thread.
  5. If you have a different connector, then try it( like if you're using DVI, try HDMI).
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