Download driver ATI 3D RAGE

Hello,please help me for download driver Ati 3D Rage
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  1. Have you visited the card manufacturer's or the computer manufacturer's web site to check if there is a driver for the card in the archive ( discontinued products ) ?
  2. what's 3d rage??
  3. mohsentux said:
    what's 3d rage??

    A really old graphics card. One of the first cards produced by ATI that ran on either PCI or AGP 1.0. It was orignally designed around the same time a NVidia was just sending out the RIVA 128 and 3Dfx just came out with the Voodoo 3. It did come in several different varities but I believe it ended with the ATI Rage 128bit.

    As for where you can get the drivers:
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