Noise levels of radeon 5970?

I have a hi-spec ($7,000+) win7-64bit PCIe workstation with 4gb ram, superfast dual sata raids, intel-extreme processor etc. I originally fitted a GTX-295 which worked fine, but made so much fan noise when challenged by graphic-oriented games (EMPIRE TotalWar)that I took it outand fitted a water cooled GTX-285. This worked fine for a while but now suffers from flashing graphics artifacts that streak acoss the screen, colour-mapping failures and even the occasional hang. I have the very latest driver updates of EVERYTHING, but no difference.
I'm fed up with nVidia (I spent a fortune trying to get the best for this workstation), and my $900 dollar laptop (with an almost silent ATI-GPU)works better.
Question- can anyone who has a RADEON 5970 tell me if it's quiet or noisy when tasked by an intense game. I would especially appreciate it if someone has done some comparative reviews of the hi-end GPU's currently on sale with a view to near-silent operation for use in a multi-media lounge PC.
Thanks in advance
Dave J.
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  1. almost the same as the gtx295 under load:

    but much quieter at idle

  2. "You, Sir, are a steely-eyed missile-man"
    What a great response....
    Thanks, wiinippongamer....
  3. Is there an option to watercool a 5970 as well? Or perhaps look into the 6000 series next month.
  4. offcourse there is as long as you have the cash
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