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Hey, I'm pretty much buying a new build (within the week at least) consisting of the following parts:

CASE: Antec Three Hundred

HDD: Samsung Spinpoint TB Drive

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw 4gigs

OS: Windows 7 Full (Don't really need a link here, do I?)

And then a combo deal consisting of:

MOBO: Some ASUS AM3 Board

CPU: AMD 955 Black Edition

I've already got a keyboard, mouse, monitor, thermal compound, video card (GTX 260 Core 216) and a 750 Watt Single Rail PSU, along with pretty much any cables/additionals I'll need for the build.

This in total (with current deals) comes out to around $610, which I thought was a pretty amazing price range, but I could be wrong. This is essentially my first "full" custom build, and I'm not entirely certain if this is the best bang for the buck. I am limited by pricing, and this is about 40 dollars short of budget, which is good.

In short, I'm just wondering if you guys have any considerations on the build, or if you've noticed whether I've got some serious flaw somewhere in the build in terms of compatibility. The last thing I want is finding out I've made some fundamental flaw later on down the line. Any suggestions or general help are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Quick notes:
-I'm not buying another video card or PSU at this time, but later on I'm considering switching over to ATI cards. From what I understand though, my current card and mobo are completely compatible.
-It's a gaming PC (duh!)
-No real parts preference.
-Will consider overclocking.
-Monitor runs at 1680x1050 (if that's relevant).
-Budget (tops) is $650, but I'd rather stay under that limit.
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  1. I like the case combo + RAM selection you have, but I don't see much of a point to the other two mobo/CPU combos, especially since one seems to be a pretty big downstep. However, I've changed to that HD/Case deal for sure, since I've already been recommended that case before. Is there anything I should know about the case that might help me in the future? I'm not sure if I'd need more cooling than what the case provides, this is pretty much my first time completely creating my own computer.
  2. ^ If you might overclock, then the Phenom II 925 with that board saves good money...

    As for the case, maybe a 140 or 200MM fan for Top exhaust and I dont think you would have to worry about space...
  3. Alright, thanks a lot. This looks pretty solid, but I'll wait for a few more opinions. Sounds good though.
  4. ^ Sure...
    Also check other stores deals...
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