Is now a good time to build?

So I was thinking of doing a new build pretty soon for around $800 or so. I am just wondering if there is anything big coming out in the next few months that I should wait to build for. I am not necessarily in a hurry, so I wouldn't mind waiting. I would be doing the build for gaming, music, movies, internet, multitasking, etc.. My resolution would be 1920x1080. So any new GPUs coming out soon or a new socket or anything major? Thanks :D
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  1. Yes there is actually. Sandy Bridge, Intels new processors will be out early next year and look to be very nice. These are on a new platform LGA1155.

    Also the HD69XX cards will be out in a few weeks which are the replacements for the 58XX cards.

    Waiting for the 69XX's is a must though waiting for SB will only majorly benefit you if you are doing CPU intensive tasks.
  2. Quote:
    looks like your running an i7 already...
    just wait.
    nVidia GTX580 and go SSD..

    oh it must say what my old setup was in my profile! I sold that i7 build a while ago. I have had a laptop for college for about a year now. thanks for the advice though guys!
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