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Hey guys, all drivers/updates for my new build are complete, and when i boot, the first asus bios screen comes up, then displays components (as usual), but then goes back to the first start up bios screen. This cycle happens three times before "starting windows" comes up (i have windows 7 ultimate 64-bit). I have a OCZ vertex 3 60Gb SSD, i5 2500k, asus p8z68-v pro, corsair vengeance 8gb cl8 1600mhz ram, and to get to the windows screen takes 40 seconds. Can anyone explain why it is displaying the bios start up screen three times before 'starting windows?'

Appreciate any help, cheers!
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  1. I have a post problem after installing Bluray, it stays on the Del Screen fo 40 seconds. After trying to find out the problem it has something to do with waiting for IDE ready check, but when i shut ide off, it still happends, the solution i was reading isint even an option in my bios, also an ASUS motherboard with AMI Megatrends bios
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