GPU is running really really hot..


My problems started about a month after owning my laptop.. Games that would run perfectly for the first stretch would suddenly drop in FPS and stutter, making the game un-playable. Research told me that it is most likely my GPU overheating, which when i checked, seemed very plausible.

My GPU (a Nvidia GTX 260m Cuda) on my Asus G51VX has been running at 85-90c idle.. rises to 105c when gaming.. i have been browsing the net for a LONG time and come up with nothing.

Although the latest thought on my problem has been that the fan is connected directly to the CPU and not the GPU..

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.. been fighting with this for awhile.
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  1. Try buying a notebook cooler, maybe that'll help.
  2. i was thinking of overclocking my processor (Intel Quad core Q9000 2.0Ghz) to 2.5Ghz so that the cpu's temp is raised, setting the cooling fans to spin faster..

  3. i wouldn't recommended it. Especially with no aftermarket cooler.
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