Greyed out bios options?

In a last ditch effort to determine if I need to RMA my ram, I need to adjust dram voltages and speed. These options are greyed out, and they are running in the wrong values. Currently the ram is overclocked (not on the ram itself, but the mobo) and running at 1.25v. How do I get to the greyed out options?
Specs mobo ram cpu
680w apevia ps
1tb wd hdd
30gb ocz ssd
hd 4850
pci soundcard
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    Why don't you try filling out a tech support form and get msi to mail you a custom bios? Foxconn did it for me twice. They get bad mouthed alot by enthusiasts, but they did me right.
  2. Actually, it was my stupid self for not trying the + and - keys on the numpad, not by the backspace key :/
    Their support helped me though!
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