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I have an ecs 755-a2 motherboard. A maxtor SATA hard drive is connected to it, with a pioneer dvr-116d SATA dvd-rw drive. Everything works fine, but the drive detection is really slow, it takes about 2-3minutes. What happens is that it displays very quickly the maxtor hard drive and the pioneer dvd-rw too, so generally the bios detects them very fast, but after that nothing happens for about 2-3minutes. So the last thing what was displayed is the pioneer drive. After 2-3 minutes waiting, the screen goes black, and another 1 minute it just stays black. After that windows loads quickly, and I can see the dvd-rw drive there. When I disconnect the dvd-rw drive, everything goes normally, the detection takes 1-2 second. I changed the sata cable, swapped the ports, so the hard drive was set to the port where the dvd-rw was, and it was the same. Tried to change the psu, still nothing.
Loaded the default bios settings, tried to disable the ide controllel,generally I disabled almost everything that seemed that can cause trouble. Usb, sata, lan, and fdd is only enabled, even the com and paralell port is disabled. The bios version vas 1.1C, so i went on the ecs homepage, and found out that the newest version is 1.1B which seems that isn't newer(little wierd), but i downloaded it and flashed the bios. Nothing has changed, so i placed back my old (newer) bios. Then I checked the firmware of the dvd-rw, it was 1.07, so I downloaded the newest 1.09 version, and still everything remains the same. I pulled out the dvd-rw and placed it into another pc, and there it does not cause problems, detects lightning fast.
Generally I don't know what else can I try, can it be a sata controller failure or...? Any idea?

I know it's an old motherboard, but I really need it, so if anyone has any suggestion...
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  1. You might try an IDE DVD drive, so that it's on a different bus than the hard disks. A used DVD drive should be pretty cheap.
  2. Try setting your unused SATA ports to disabled in the BIOS so you are only "detecting" drives on the used ports (Maxtor HD and Pioneer DVDR).
  3. 1. Tried with and IDE drive, works fine
    2. There are only two sata ports, no more to disable

    Looks like there is no solution, maybe it's kind of incompatibility...anyway thanks for your help!
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