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hello everyone. Is this power supply good for gaming ?


Any ideas ?
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  1. Lots of factors come into play "for gaming". Quoting the specs... "With four PCI-E connectors (two 6-pin and two 6+2-pin), the Kingwin ABT-730MM is ideal for building up a SLI or CrossFire gaming system. " Don't know what CPU / GPU setup you have or the number of peripherals, but 730w + (4) PCI-E power is plenty for most setups.
  2. I would go for the XFX 650W unit, its just as powerful on the 12V rail, its 80+ silver so its quite a bit more efficient, and is modular for a bit more after rebate.
  3. Current Specs are

    CPU :- Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
    VGA :- Didn't buy yet

    Hey what does a modular power supply mean ?
  4. Modular power supplies let you remove cables you don't need. Usually the mobo,CPU,and several SATA and molex cables are permanently attached, and the the GPU and extra SATA/molex are removable.
  5. Hey what am i to do if the output voltage varies or goes beyond/under the threshold value? Can i claim warranty ?
  6. Usually output voltages are pretty stable and within their tolerances. Over the years, I have never seen a PSU, expensive or cheap, that had a voltage out of range. (And that is something I initially check each time I buy a PSU.)

    Some places make it easy to RMA components. Some do not. newegg is one of the good places. That is why newegg is first vendor of choice for many of us.
  7. Are you still going with the original PSU or the XFX that hunter recommended? I personally don't trust Kingwin, but most people seem to have good luck (at least with the Lazer Series).

    I would second the XFX or go with a Corsair or Seasonic, as they are the best in the game and use better components inside the PSUs. They may cost more, but it's worth it.
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