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Thought I would get some feedback before pulling the trigger. The PC will be for light duty... More of a media PC than anything. I am choosing this CPU + MB combo because I was looking for a dual core, but also know three friends that have successfully unlocked their X2 to an X4 with the current batch at the local Microcenter (bonus if it works, oh well if not). Looking for some feedback and wanting to know if there are better deals than what I have found thus far. Thanks in advance.


I am coming in just under $300 after rebates for a machine with a 2TB HD and Blu-Ray reader...

MSI 785GM-P45 & Phenom II X2 560 - $120 with $20 rebate = $100

OCZ Gold 4GB DDR3-1333 - $65 with $15 rebate = $50
Kingston Hyperx 4GB DDR3-1600 = $70 with $20 rebate = $50

Samsung 2TB HD = $80

Blu-ray combo drive - $70 with coupon code BTEZZZS28 = $45

Corsair 430W Power Supply - $50 with coupon code BTEZZZS23 and $15 mail in rebate = $16.50

Case... have one!
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    It looks good. You may benefit from a dedicated GPU if your video playback is slow/choppy; something like the GTS 450 will work well and give you great power for the price.

    Just note that you'll need Blu-ray playback software to watch Blu-rays on Windows (I'm assuming that's what you're using). Cyberlink's PowerDVD works pretty well (I use it for my 3D playback), and the interface is pretty easy to use.
  2. Hopefully the integrated video won't be choppy, but if so I have a 9800 GT on the shelf.

    Well crap! They are sold out of the X2 560 at the moment so I am back on the hunt. They will have them back in stock, but no idea when. $100 for CPU and MB may be tough to match... Probably be looking for an Phenom X3 740 and ?? motherboard. Suggestions?
  3. I would recommend the 9800GT if you're doing high def playback (I have one in my AMD system).

    Check Newegg's motherboard + CPU combos; you may find something in the same range. Otherwise, that Athlon X4 should get the job done if you really have to pick that one, but you could probably get it cheaper on newegg.
  4. I concur with the dedicated GPU idea, even a cheap one, though the one you have on the shelf is probably good enough. If you want this for media, you will want to make sure you have a LITTLE GPU power...
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