Has anyone seen numbers for small writes and disk 25%full half full ec

i know iv read articles on this before but it was with like the series 2 sdd's and where up to series 4 sorta speak. i dont know a wholew lot about ssd's but when using atto i notice the SSD kingston hyper 3k 128gb is real slow on small writes under 256kb. are the newer ones faster with these writes like the samsung pro 840?

also how is a disk being full these days effect like the kingston hyper 3k and the newer ones like the samsung pro ect? 25%full 50%full ect. havnt really seen any recent numbers or anything like this for these aspects of SSD's
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  1. a: I dont know of a drive that isn't.
    b: should not be a concern of an ssd as long as overprovisioning, garbage collect, and trim can do their 'thing'.
  2. that's normal, all SSD are rated at sequential speed not at 256kb or 4kb...

    SSD won't degrade too much if you full them but make sure they always have a 10% free for TRIM/garbage collection and windows index (to make sure everything work fine)
  3. Want to see something awful? I mean SSD's seem awful slow in things like as-ssd's 4k tests but run it on an hdd and you'll see an ssd is still a huge improvement in those areas as well.
  4. would the new samsung drive any notice in speed if i where to upgrade./

    also it use to be drives slowed down substantialy at half full guess thats not an issue now?
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