How to increase video ram

how to increase video ram of onboard graphic chip, can we increase sharing of ram to v-ram.
My mb msi k9n6pgm2-v allow me upto 256mb only to share as v-ram.
Is it depends on bios, chipset, onboard video memory. OS or anything else
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  1. It will be the bios.
    Also max ram you can have is 2GB am sure you know, this though is a limitation of the chipset. Because the bios remaps the RAM even before the OS boots, when booting the OS will only be able to access the V-ram through the onboard graphics...if your MB limits the max you can remap as 256Mb then that is it. No point trying to find a patch or hack or work arround...if you need more graphics RAM to play a game,etc. buy a PCIE graphics card if you havent already filled up that slot.
  2. To the best of my knowledge you can not increase vram for an on board chip. The way to do it is buy a discreet video card.
  3. There are 3 different instances of ram associated with integrated graphics.
    1. Some integrated will have dedicated vram like a discrete.
    2. A changeable amount set in bios that is "stolen" from system ram to be used as the igpu's dedicated.
    3. Shared ram that can be switched in realtime between the igpu and system. This is a set amount around 25% of total system ram. (so adding more ram can increase this)

    2 is the only instance that can be adjusted and it is in the bios. But your igpu (and every igpu except for the new amd apus) are so weak that changing the setting doesn't have an effect.
  4. Almost any of the modern vid cards will give you a big jump in performance.
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