Power supply problem?

I was using my desktop the other day and I went to use EasyTuner6 and put it on the first default overclock, which is a very low overclock if any.

I clicked ok to restart and it did.

but while the splash screen was up it shut down and some smell was coming from my pc!

when ever i try to turn it on, it seems that there is a high pitched tone coming from the PSU.

Also there are 2 LED's that light up that are next to the ddr3 slots looking from it CPU to graphics card

the first one is yellow the second one is green. the first one is 4th from top the second one is 5th from top

i hate a gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard 1366

my psu is the corsair TX950 but its not even a year old!

according to the schematics the ddr phase leds are lit up

thanks and help!

the smell is coming from the psu... :\
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  1. The PS could be shot. That one has a 5 year limited warranty so swap that thing out. Hopefully you have access to another PS to test with before swapping to confirm your failure...
  2. Pull the PSU out of the system, and sniff it, if something in it blew you will know. Do not attempt to boot up the system on a potentially bad PSU. You can use this trick to test to see if its totally cooked. If it cant spin up the case fan its totally dead, if it does that doesnt necessarily mean its good, it may be out of spec or some of the other rails may be non-functional.
  3. ok i tried that youtube video... :( smoke started coming out

    how can i get a new one since it hasnt even been 6 months yet?

    it smells terrible but what exactly is it supposed to smell like?
  4. Woah, yeah definitely RMA it. There shouldnt be any problem on getting a replacement for it.

    Its a hard smell to describe, but terrible sums it up pretty good. There are a few things that can make the smell, a burnt IC, a blow capacitor, some melted insulation, all of them are bad and smell terrible. Send corsair an RMA request.
  5. ok i requested a RMA from corsair website directly

    is there anything i have to do with newegg? since i bought the parts from there :\
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