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Im stuck in a horrible spot right now looking for a new system. I have considered building one for the price but then decided i needed assurance that it will last (3 yr warranty).

Anyways, I was looking at an imac and a Falcon and thats where i am mostly stuck because of the price situation. Im looking for any other options. I am in need of a system that can do heavy photoshop work along side of min gaming. I am also studying graphic design as a minor and need something to handle that.

My ideal computer needed is something on the lines of $2200 including a ~22-24" monitor. Fast, but not top of the line processor(i5/i7) im not sure if i want a dual core or quad core, i haven't researched enough about them. As far as the HD goes, i have considered having a 1tb with a 128gb ssd but the ssd prebuilds are ridiculously expensive. I need 8gb of ram, and a descent video card.
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  1. you can build an i7 hackintosh for less than a grand and have great and powerful gfx card
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