Hard Drive not being detected in BIOS

Let's start off with some of my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
500 GB WD Hard Drive
8800GTS Nvidia Graphics card

The problem: My Bios (Phoenix Award) won't detect my hard drive. Neither will the windows set up. Basically, this a 3-5 year old computer made by IBUYPOWER and has worked perfectly. I stopped using it a year or two ago when I got my laptop, but now am setting it up for my parents. When I stopped using it, I may have disconnected the dvd drive at one point but connected it. My Hard Drive is connected via both the power cable and sata cable (I also have tried two different sata cables to no avail). In my BIOS, settings such as the SATA Controller are enabled. The only interesting thing I've noticed it that in the CMOS settings (one of the first categories to choose from in the bios) which ever SATA port has the sata cable attached to it, it literally shows nothing compared to the usual "none". I also booted up the computer and help my finger on the hard drive, and it felt as if it was vibrating and on. Desperately in need of help here, thanks in advance!
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  1. check if the time and date are showing current time if not check cmos battery .
  2. And if your CMOS battery ok, check your SATA access mode is set to Auto. See P85 of your manual
  3. Thank you both for the quick reply. Though the date is correct the time is not, does just the time being wrong indicated a bad cmos battery? Also, the SATA Access is already set to Auto. Any other help that can be given is greatly appreciated!
  4. Change the battery, and check PSU volts in System Monitor within BIOS. Incorrect time a sure sign CMOS battery volts low.
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