MSI Radeon 3450 HD display issues on 55" LCD

I have the above specified card in a AthlonII X 2 W/4 GB DDR3 custom build HTPC displaying to a Phillips 55" LCD tv through dedicated HDMI (no adapters)
NOTE ( HDMI is not being used for sound output, sound is dedicated 5.1 card)

I am Having 2 issues, first.

I have a Half inch unused border surrounding my entire display

PC Resolution Is cranked at 1920X1080 @ 60Hz, TV set auto detect with max settings.
NOTE: No over/under scan settings available in MSI or ATI control panels


While playing 1080P or I there is light to moderate trail pixelation following horizontally moving objects

I am aware this is a very bottom end card and I am just looking for some ideas or someone to just come out and say this card isnt going to do what i want it to lol, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day.
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  1. You have UnderScan/OverScan in the catalyst control center under "digital panel/scaling"

    The other thing is your TV.
  2. I have searched the catalyst control center for anything referring to "digital panel/scaling " to no avail and also my tv doesnt do this with a blu ray player or broadcast TV
  3. I don't know what version of the CCC you have. Open CCC and press the "advanced" button. It should be in there, search the entire thing.

    Maybe it's in the desktop & displays/right click the small laptop at bottom/Configure /Attributes/scaling Options/Full Screen

    For the other thing it may be the cable, check it.
  4. Catalyst™ Control Center Version 2010.0825.2146.37182
    Still unable to find anything that allows for over scan
    windows properties are 1920X1080 / landscaspe advanced brings up windows adapter info/properties/drivers still no option to enlarge display

    Checked cable, no visible damage or irregularities

    Is it possible this adapter is just too low end to display efficiently to a Tv of this size ?
  5. Thank you that link helped i found the overscan.
  6. Did that fix the problem? I would imagine that the 3450 would have a pretty hard time pushing that many pixels, though pixelation trails usually means decompression issues, which could be the GPU, but could also mean your codecs aren't properly decompressing the file.

    Make sure your player has the most up-to-date codecs, and if that doesn't fix it, then it's more than likely the GPU not having enough power.
  7. I fixed the overscan problem but Yes i am still having issues with the pixelation. I have the k-lite codec pack, using the associated Media Player classic, what i noticed last night was that the pixelation seemed to worsen through out playback, which would suggest the gpu just not being able to keep up? All the reviews i have read suggest that this card is at least a halfway capable HTPC adapter. im lost on this one lol
  8. That card can run two TVs easily. It must be the ghosting many LCD devices have.
  9. It does sound like ghosting. Your tv is probably not able to keep up with the object movement. There isn't much you can do about this. Some tvs have a gaming mode that can help fix this but can sometimes make things worse. Try playing with the TV settings as it is unlikely the computer settings will fix this.
  10. It does just fine on a bluray player, but when 1080p MKV files are played back via pc
    i get these issues. Playback starts out crisp and clear but after maybe 15 of fullscreen play back it starts getting sloppy
  11. I have resolved the issue by enabling DXVA for use with MPC which allows full hard ware acceleration on any file opened in MPC. Thank you all for your help
  12. Yeah its kinda hard to believe such a popular format H.264/X.264 does not have native support by either ati or Nvidia. It kinda defeats the point of having a GPU if my CPU is still doing all my media work. Probably copyright stuff, Blu-Ray disc playback on PDVD9 allows for hardware acceleration in the basic settings lol. Gotta love it, later
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