GPU for a linux VM host

do I need a graphics card if I want to setup a box which will host a number of VMs with one of them acting as media centre and another to play games? this box will be reachable over a gigabit netowrk but I'm still not sure what role the graphics card will play on all this if no monitor will be connected directly to the host.

I'll be accesing the VMs from a mini desktop assuming all the processing power is on the host. The host will be running linux with qemu-kvm as the virtualization platform ... is this viable?
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  1. You can just use whatever video card you will be using to do the initial setup. you don't need to add one.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to say that at the moment I have no video card and part of the intention behind the question is to figure out if I really need one, how it'll benefit the setup? and what will the best specs for this setup?
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