Capacitor type on a asus eah4870 dk top 512mb

what is the capacitor type of a "E 87 J 68uf 16v (sky blue)" on a Asus EAH4870 DK Top 512mb?
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  1. I want to know same thing. E87J 68 16v (sky blue) capacitor is broken off from my ASUS 4870 graphic card and I want to solder new one.

    Is that 68 a µF?

    can I use this type capacitor of same rating? :

    Please help...
    Best Regards
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  3. You can replace the cap as long as you can find a capacitor with the same capacitance. You do NOT need to match the voltage rating as long as you don't replace the cap with a lover voltage cap. (ie don't replace a 24v cap with a 16v cap).

    In the future, DO NOT bring up dead threads.
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