Is my hard disk is dead...

:bounce: Today i started my pc, i turned on my cpu first and then i turned on my monitor
then my UPS restartes just after starting the monitor and so my whole system gets restarted and then just got stuck after booting my first device i.e CD-RW,
It is just can not boot my Hard disk...

:heink: After this scenerio i inserted my XP CD (original)
trying to get it repaired if OS is corrupted...
it does not worked it hangs at the second stage of booting, i.e when this line comes
"setup is inspecting your system config" and goes on for 1 and half hrs...

:sweat: then i disabled the CD-RW and other (I/O device)
and then restart th cpu but still nothing happens it just stuck and is not booting after motherboard logo,
I can acces the BIOS setup so i think mobo is ok......
And i m thinking now that hard disk is gone...
Plz can you guys help me on this.... is my HD is dead????? :cry:
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  1. Is the drive seen in the bios?
  2. 4745454b said:
    Is the drive seen in the bios?

  3. If you can, stick it in another system and run Check Disk on it.

    Maybe some of these programs can help too: Best Free Hard Drive Health Monitoring & Diagnostic Programs

    For me checking dead computer components involves swapping them with known good components, sorry if this isn't an option for you. Good luck.
  4. Did you recently upgrade anything in the system at all?
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