Msi 790x phenom 965 140 watts

I'm creatng a home server with these options:

I have an old mobo the MSI 790X & I have an extra Phenom 2 965 140 Watts. The bios is updated to the latest firmware.

I also have another Mobo the Asus Nforce 570 Ultra MCP & bios is up to date. but havn't tred this one yet.

The problem s the cpu on the MS became a quad core 800 Mhz.

The question is "is there a way to make it work?" :hello:
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  1. In the BIOS turn off the features like C1E and any other CPU throttling options you can see. I have the x4 965 and when it is idle, the CPU will downclock to 800MHz via a multiplier reduction. When I kick in something that needs more CPU power, it jumps up to 3.4GHz.

    If you want it to be 3.4GHz all the time, disabling C1E in the BIOS and if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need to get into the advance power options and set the minimum and maximum processor states both to 100%.

    If you still have this problem, go into the BIOS and select LOAD OPTIMAL defaults, then check the CPU advanced settings and disable C1E and make sure the multiplier is set to 17 and not 4.
  2. Also I see another problem for you just now... according to MSI and, your MSI board only works with the C3 stepping. So only the 125w model 965 is compatible, the board doesn't support the 140 watt model.

    Check here:
  3. I have done everything except the C1E cause I never knew what was it for. I'm on t ... cheers :o
  4. 1965ohio said:
    Also I see another problem for you just now... according to MSI and, your MSI board only works with the C3 stepping. So only the 125w model 965 is compatible, the board doesn't support the 140 watt model.

    Check here:

    Actually I'm on the website

    Phenom II X4 Deneb HDZ965FBK4DGI z965 200 3.40 2M 6M C2 140

    but also not sure what the z stands for, I researched but found nothng
  5. C1E is like Intel Speedstep. It just lowers your multiplier and or core voltage to throttle your CPU. When you boot does the CPU read as 800MHz? Or are you getting that from CPU-Z or something? Cause if I open CPU-Z, it says 800MHz too, but if I launch a video file or photoshop or something, it will change to 3400MHz.

    Is the POST screen saying 800MHz? When you right-click the Computer icon and hit properties does it say 800MHz? If BIOS defaults are loaded and C1E is disabled, and it is stuck on 800MHz, sounds like your board doesn't like it. I usually only see this problem on the C2 steppings @ 140w.

    But if the BIOS is reporting it at 3400MHz and Windows reports it at 3400MHz in the system properties, everything is OK. The 800MHz is usually the idle speed cause the power management will drop the multiplier to 4 to save power. AMD chips like this can't shut off dormant cores like Intel, so they just drastically underclock them when the CPU isn't being utilized.

    Try CPU-Z and load up the CPU with some big apps and see if the multiplier jumps to 17 and the speed back to 3400MHz. If not, you got a hardware issue. Maybe reflash the BIOS and clear the CMOS memory. Load all the defaults again.
  6. actually 800 was the reading from the bios, I had a linux on the pc & it said multiplier issue. but no worries the 965 is no longer functional as one of the pins was broken.
    Now I'm bavck on my server running an athlon 2 3 GHz. & main PC on a phenom II x6 on 3.2 GHz

    I wsh the AMD & Intel would change how CPU pins are made. I have damaged too many CPUs 'm affraid to handle them. I'm an IT not a sergon. lol

    anyway thanx for the help.
  7. Intel already changed it a long time ago. The CPUs haven't had pins for over 6 years. Since the Pentium 4 478 socket. The pins are all on the motherboard now. And AMD still doesn't want to change, even their latest creation the Bulldozer chips will still have pins on the CPU instead of the board.

    The issue you were having is usually caused on the C2 stepping of the 140w flavor not being favored in the BIOS. So it will stick the multiplier or voltage to be lower to avoid overloading on boards with a single 4 pin CPU voltage connector. The C3 125w versions usually don't get stuck cause most boards support 125w.
  8. I'm a big fan of AMD but they have to jump to the next gen not only in CPU performance, but also innovation. havn't used any ntel CPUs since 2003. just dont like their performance although benchmarks do. & I like the fact that AMD lets you build a system through the new knd of sockets they use. I mean you could add a new CPU on an old motherboard & so on. This gives them an advatage.
  9. I go either way. Since 2006, Intel had a single socket that could do just about anything... the LGA775. It is just being retired this year. Pentium 4 2 GHz all the way to Core 2 Quad chips all use this same socket. All the pins are on the motherboard, the CPU just has pads.

    I am not faithful to either brand. In the Pentium 4 days, I did always get AMD because they were faster and better for gaming. But after Core 2 Duo, I have been with all Intel systems until my last build which used the AMD 965.

    The only thing that sucks about Intel these days is that they change sockets every 6 months. The LGA775 was around for the longest time. They had to change it now because at the time it was designed, it couldn't incorporate tri or quad channel memory. And most of the Core 2 chips are clock for clock faster than the same priced current AMDs.

    My only loyalty is with my wallet... and now that I bought this AMD setup, in 2 months AMD is changing sockets again and I have no future upgrade paths now since the next generation AMD CPU will fit in the socket, won't work.

    Socket AM3+ will support AM3 chips, but AM3+ CPUs will not fit in the AM2/2+/3 boards... oh well.
  10. 'm still stuck on AMD. didn't hear anything about the AM3+ tll now. but it wouldn't bother me, cause I usually skipp a CPU generaton. except for the 6 core. they had a promotion.
    so I am not going for the AM3+ I will probably wat for the 4, or buy the 3+ when they drop low.
  11. The AM3+ is supposed to be out at the end of this month or next month. If you someone is building a new rig, it's best to wait. You can still install any AM3 CPU into the new board.

    But if someone wants to build a new PC now and gets and AM3 board and a x4 975 or x6 1100t... that is pretty much the end of the line for them. They have no future upgrade paths other than maybe a 100 or 200 MHz speedbump product. Nothing else major will ever be released for the AM3 after Bulldozer hits the market.

    But for people that wait for the AM3+, they can use their AM3 CPU like the 965 or 1100t, and can still change to a newer CPU in the future that will benefit them significantly.

    Same problem at Intel right now. Anybody buying a 1156 or 1366 board will not have an upgrade path in a year. They only announced 1 or 2 CPUs to be released for these sockets while they switch everything over to 1155 and 2011 sockets this year.
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