Samsung 840 pro 128gb vs intel 520 128gb

Hi. Can someone please recommend which is the better ssd to purchase? The Intel 520 is priced at $126 from NCIX and the sam840pro is at $137 from Amazon.

And also, I have an Asus G75vx laptop and I'm wondering if these drives are compatible with the laptop? The laptop has two drive bays.
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  1. I normally recommend Samsung. Crucial, Intel, and Plextor are also worth considering.

    If I could only choose one of the two ssd's you mentioned, then I would choose the Samsung 840 Pro. Samsung ssd's have an excellent track record for performance and reliability. The 840 Pro is their current high performance flagship model.

    The Intel 520 is another excellent ssd but it is an older model equipped with a SandForce SF2281 controller. SandForce has not introduced a new controller in over 2 years. The current trend is to not purchase ssd's with those older controllers.

    The physical dimensions for ssd's are controlled by an international standard. A standard 2.5 inch internal ssd is normally mounted inside an enclosure that is 7mm thick/high. They will fit inside a laptop. I know that all of the Samsung 2.5 inch internal ssd's are 7mm thick/high so they will fit. The standard is different for those tiny handheld portable pc's such as tablets. They require mSATA ssd's which are essentially ssd's that are not mounted inside and enclosure.
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