Looking for a PSU for Radeon 5870

I'm thinking about upgrading my system from a Radeon 2600 to a Radeon 5870. I read the graphics card requirements from AMD and meet them, except for the PSU. What kind of PSU would you recommend?
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  1. Did you buy 5870? just wait for 1 or 2 more month. AMD is releasing 6xxx series soon. 5870 will drop the price.
  2. Whats your system specs? An outdated CPU will hold back your GPU.

    For a single 5870, a 450W+ Corsair, Seasonic, XFX,, Antec, PC&C, Enermax, OCZ, Silverstone would be fine.
  3. a 450W Earthwatts or Corsair would be sufficient as timop stated

    In 1-2 months they are releasing the 67XX series, again the 67XX series. Thats the midrange series, the 6770 will be at best as good as the 5850. It has 1400 stream processors and the 5850 has 1440. Its somewhere around there.

    You can speculate on the 6870 series but it should be 3-4 more months, and upgrading from a 2600 to a 5870 is likely all he needs.

    @ OP if you want to try a different card tell us what you are trying to run so we can throw recommendations other than that run a 450W PSU and you should be fine. For arguements sake i ran SLI GTX 280's on a 650W.
    a ATi 5870 uses 188W of power, and id bet your cpu is max of 140W.
    Which is a max of 328W which clears a 450W.
  4. ^this.

    awesome bargain. will allow for upgrade headroom. corsair are some of the best PSUs.
  5. Holy crap that's a good deal. Too bad it's not their HX series =P Non-modular cables bug me.
  6. In a case with decent cable management, modular is no real help. in my rig, im actually using all the cables except the second PCIe connectors. and they aren't exactly hard to hide in a good case...

    Its preference of course. i went modular, and found it didn't need it.
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