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$500 budget build

Last response: in Systems
November 23, 2010 5:43:12 PM

I am trying to build a pc for my nephew ($500 total budget) and am not sure its possible to meet my goals. They (and I) have no reusable parts to contribute to the build.

Approximate Purchase friday through cyber monday?
Budget Range:$500 US
System Usage from Most to Least Important:p rimarily schoolwork, surfing the i-net, he plays counterstrike souce on steam at a friends house
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Tiger Direct, NewEgg
Parts Not Required: need os, keyboard, mouse, monitor
Parts Preferences: I'm assuming AMD, hopefully at least dual core, prefer Gigabyte mobo (because past experiences) but realize that budget is ridiculous
Overclocking: maybe
SLI or Crossfire:lol at this price but hope to have ability to add a discrete video card?
Monitor Resolution: monitor needs to be part of system so I'm guessing no more than 1600 x 900 will be possible.
considering LG E2050T-SN Glossy Black 20" 5ms LED Backlight LCD monitor Slim Design 250 cd/m2 DC 5,000,000:1
or Hanns·G HZ194APB Black 18.5" 1366 x 768 5ms Tilt Adjustable WideScreen LCD Monitor w/Speakers 250cd/m2 10,000:1
OS: needed....see further questions below
Additional Comments: before I shop I have a couple questions
I haven't built a new pc in a couple years and haven't tried windows 7 windows 7 the way to go? 32bit or 64 bit?
Is integrated graphics on 785G- 880G chipset onboard graphics able to handle this? Including Counterstrike source at these resolutions? Possible hybrid graphics?

Sorry, I know you guys hate everything about this system before its built, but it is what it is, I gotta try and get this kid through highschool hopefully with a little recreation ability to boot :) 
Thankyou for any and all suggestions

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November 23, 2010 6:07:41 PM

It's not too difficult, but that does put it on a tight budget, especially when you are needing the OS and monitor.

If someone else need Win7, you could get the family pack for $150 (I've seen it for $119 on sale) for 3 copies...then you could split the cost.

If not, you're looking at $100 or so for the OS alone.

You'll probably be dropping another $100 on the monitor.

That leaves you $300 to play with, and that's a relatively tight budget for a system.

I'd check out the 785g or 880g for now and add a graphics card later for a gift, etc. I'd check into the x3 models by AMD or and X4 if you can spare the extra few dollars. If you live near a microcenter, they run a great deal that buying a 785g and an x4 will set you back only $100 or $110 if you get a nicer board.

I'd get 4GB of RAM, which will likely set you back $60 or so. You'll need a optical drive - $17, a HDD - $40 - $50, a case - $50 or less, and a PSU - $40 or so. I think that puts you close...we can look for deals for most of these items, but that should get you a start.
November 23, 2010 6:30:52 PM

Thanks......I am beginning the shopping and will post what I can find soon
Do you think that onboard graphics will render games at that low of resolution? or possibly a hybrid option or is a dedicated graphics card an absolute must?
I do realize I am asking alot for not alot.
Is windows 7 pro neccessary or is home premium fine?

Here is what I'm looking at so far:
mobo/cpu combo,

case and power combo,

os + memory combo,

hard drive,


total with shipping/tax 448.23

at this point I need a cpu cooler pretty cheap and I'm not sure on the memory. I'm hoping to find a cheap monitor on black friday or cyber monday

any thoughts.....btw I know this is really cheap case, so I think no overclocking for now?
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November 24, 2010 3:40:10 AM

November 25, 2010 1:53:11 PM

Thanks for the ideas. I made a few changes from your suggestions and ended up with complete tower and 19" monitor for $580 shipped to my door and $45 mir (so I'm calling it $535 build) . I'll pick up a keyboard and mouse locally this weekend and be done with the project :) 
December 1, 2010 4:45:48 PM

Congrats on the purchase. Enjoy the build.