Ready for SB/Bulldozer Gaming system.

Okay, idea is, as its coming up to Christmas, is to shout myself a new rig :P
However, as, SB and BD are coming out rather soon; I'd like shift money away from processor/motherboard; towards GPU and an SSD.

Resolution: Will be playing combination of everything, at 1920 x 1080

SLI: Whatever card I get now, I'll grab another one of later when I swap to the new architectures.

Parts not required: Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers/Monitor/OS. (any peripherals)

Current Ideas/Selected Parts:

Note: I'm Australian, so newegg/amazon not available :P Am purchasing all my parts through local retailers. &

CPU: Phenom x2 555 BE

Cheap, does what I need; seems good for experimenting with overclocking. Possibility of four cores. $95

Motherboard: ????? Am currently looking at the Asrock 890GX Extreme for $140, but I feel there could be a cheaper solution out there...Anybody?

RAM: Just a G-Skill 4GB Kit for $75, perfectly happy here.

GPU: Would like to spend between $150 - $ 300 here, and of course, SLI in future.

Am looking at:

GTX 460 1GB = $213
Radeon 6850 = $212
Radeon 6870 = $289
GTX470 = $295
2x GTS 450 = $259 (this choice would negate SLI in future, but awesome performance no?)

PSU = I'm really not sure how to pick one? :S Helpies?

Cooling: A Hyper 212+/ $31

Case: Coolermaster 922 HAF $135

In total..comes to around like...$800-$900 ish; and thats what I'm looking to spend. But any cheaper suggestions, or just ideas in general would be very welcome.

TLDR Version:

GTX 460, Radeon 6850/70, GTX 470, GTS 450 sli, which is best :P

Motherboard: Budget AMD/Suggest :P


Thanks guys :)
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  1. if going with amd mobo you don't want a NVIDIA card, they don't play nice when wanting to SLI.
    (unless you get an nforce mobo, or hack it, which I wouldn't suggest doing).

    Get a 6870.

    PSU: idk whats available to you I don't have the time to check those sites right now, but I'd stick with a 750w, Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, or XFX black edition.
  2. Any opinions on motherboard?

    For SLI or otherwise?

    And at this price point, would switching to 1156 be a better choice?
  3. why do u want to spent 140$ in a Mboard? when there are a lot good 70-90$ Mboard?? u can save that to buy a better Stock CPU
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