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CPU for DivX

Why might your choice of CPU's change if you were building a computer system for encoding DivX home movies instead of for gaming?
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    I7 2600K would probably be the best bet for your money right now. Plus, its versatile as well.,2833-15.html
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    For strictly video encoding and not gaming, probably a 6 core AMD. More cores are better for encoding than raw clockspeed. And the 6 core AMD will be about the same price as a 4 core Intel. For playing games the Intel is better... but since you want to do encoding, grab a 6 core.

    The Intel I7 2600K is nice since it has Hyperthreading which can act like it has 4 cores plus 4 virtual cores... but 6 real cores will still be better. And if you wait a little bit for AMD's new chips to come out soon, the price will continue to drop on their current 6 core lineup and that would make them cheaper than the I7.

    I usually do encoding using the Cuda cores on my graphics card, but the software I use doesn't do Divx that I am aware of. If you were to encode your videos as MP4 or MKV with the x264 codec, then your CPU doesn't matter if you have a good nVidia graphics card because it won't use your CPU for encoding at all.

    But I don't know if ATI or nVidia have anything for Divx, haven't made AVIs or anything for ages now.
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