Buffalo 1 TB External hard suddenly working very slow!

External hard suddenly functioning very slowly, what could the problem be? please help!?
I have purchased a drive station axis 1 TB External Hard last year .
Now suddenly it has started operating very slowly , being detected very slowly, and not being loaded properly, it takes ages for it to copy something or do any other operation on the files in it.there is a little tick sound as well, which is hardly hear able. what could the issue be? Could it be the wiring , any internal problems or some software issue?
Thank you

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i used another cable and it didn't help at all.. the speed is to low that i can't even run a checkdisk or delete anything from the hdd. it's the following type of HDD: http://www.buffalotech.com/products/desk…
am not sure if i can take theHDD out, will that help at all? and the warranty is over..
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  1. Check the smart for errors.
  2. No matter what happens to this drive, back up your data well and try SeaTools for Windows to test:
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