How much RAM can my mobo handle.

Hi I'm running Windows 7 64bit, my CPU is AMD Quad core. I have 2x2gb DDRM - can I install 2x4gb DDRM making it 8gb?
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  1. Check the QVL for your motherboard.
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    You need to post you 'MOBO' to know for certain, and to be on the safe side also post your exact CPU {BIOS check}.

    Q - MOBO = ? ; IF this is an OEM e.g. Dell, HP, etc then post the EXACT MODEL
    Q - CPU = ?
    Q - BIOS version = ?

    If you don't know then use CPU-z to identify both components (main page CPU and Mainboard for MOBO & BIOS) ; CPU-z -
  3. What does you User's Manual for your mobo say?
  4. ok the mother board is K9N6PGM2-V2 /NF725GTM-P31 series
    (MS-7309 v2.x) Micro-ATX board.
    processor is AMD Phentom 9350e quad core processor, 4 cores
    i have added graphics AMD radeon HD6540 2Gb memory?

    Does this help my enquiry?
  5. Yep, here's the info below. You can get either DDR2-667 2x4GB @ 1.80v or DDR2-800 2x4GB. Make sure you have BIOS version 2.5 or later. If available in the BIOS set Memory (Hole) Remapping -> Enabled for >4GB support (64-bit).

    K9N6PGM2-V2 -
    RAM - QVL
    Supports Dual Channel DDR2 667/800
    - 2 DDR2 DIMMs (240pin / 1.8V)
    - Supports a maximum memory size up to 8GB.

    CPU -
    BIOS min Version 2.5 (

    G.SKILL F2-6400CL6D-8GBMQ -

    Crucial -

    I know NCIX was having a clearance on ALL DDR2...
  6. thanks guys.
  7. BTW - if it were 'me' I'd never pay $150 for 2x4GB DDR2!!!

    Best, NEW MOBO and NEW CPU, 2x4GB DDR3 is going for $35+!!!

    See ->
  8. that is a good point. I have only just built this and am in uk maybe in couple of months
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