AMD DIY Multi Tasking Build

I'm building the following system just for home based business, web, photo, quickbooks, ect...

Like to multi-task, want to build my own PC, and like to DIY.
Anyways, wondering if I should buy today or wait until the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals. Buy now or wait?

I'd really like to buy now and put it together over the holiday, but not if there's going to be deep discounts. I just don't really see them discounting CPU components that much....

AMD X6 1090T
OCZ Agility 2 SSD 60GB
WD Black 500GB HDD
Gigabyte 890GX Motherboard
Lighton 24X Optical Drive
Antec Sonata III 500 Case w PSU
8GB RAM (Either OCZ Gold or G.Skill Ripjaw)

Anything I'm overlooking or should change? Should be a pretty solid build from the research I've done.

Let me know what you think.


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  1. Pretty good! IMHO... Drop to 4GB of memory. You can always add 4 GB more later at no additional cost compared to buying 8 GB now. Check out MicroCenter if you have one near you. They have that X6 bundled with a MB for $240 after rebate. Also, Black Friday deals have a Blu-ray reader / DVD burner combo drive for $45 after rebate. ...something to consider for an additional $25 over that Lighton. Lastly, if not using that WD Black as a boot drive go with a standard 1TB / 2TB to supplement the OCZ SSD. You won't see the benefits of its speed in that config and the price is a up there with larger capacity drives. (coupon code BTEZZZS28)
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    I suggest going with a 955 instead of a 1090T, the main reason is the 1090T isn't the best CPU for it's price point. Get the 955 and save some dough, and also get a cheaper mobo and save some dough. These ways will allow you to upgrade to an even better CPU later and the 955 isn't a slouch.

    AMD's Bulldozer is coming out next year so you don't need to spend so much now, save as much as you can to the bare minimum and then just upgrade to Zambezi (8-Core Desktop CPU) It'll be 2x faster than the current line says AMD and compete directly with the current i7's.

    I suggest this CPU and this MOBO because the mobo has onboard graphics already so you don't have to get a dedicated card, plus it has USB 3 support and the onboard graphics will run any res, even 1080P.


    Actually unlike sadams said I say you keep your 8gbs. This review shows that 8 gigs of ram actually benefit. And in your scenario for what you want to do, I suggest the 8 gigs. Just get them cheap.,2778.html

    Um as for your SSD and HDD, change them. The SSD isn't bad but for the price, it's a lot. Plus for much cheaper you can get the A-Data S599 which also has an Sandforce controller, but is cheaper than the Agility 2. It also performs like a Vertex 2.

    SSD Review:

    As for the HDD I recommend getting a Samsung F3, it's a faster drive overall because of the 500gb platter size, but also is cheaper than most Black's per gig. The Samsung F3 500gb is only 55$ and the Samsung F3 1TB is 70$.
  3. Oh by the way, get the Ripjaws, they're much better than the OCZ gold ram.
  4. Thanks for the help guys...

    I pretty much ordered that setup after no replies for a few days... I think I'll be good to go. Only thing I'm worried about is the OCZ Gold Ram as I bought the 8GB 2x4 just so I'd be solid for a while and when I looked at their help forums there were tons of Gigabyte MB's with X6 1090T's on there with instability issues.

    I may send them straight back and get the Gskills. I had my eye on the G Skills the whole time but for some reason went with the OCZ Gold... hope it works. I'll let you know.
  5. Lol what? Was that feed back not good enough?
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