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Having weird problems with explorer.exe

my explorer.exe always crash to desktop whenever i open any folder.. i suspected that maybe broken video codecs, etc.. but the problem happen to all folder, infact in my computer folder also..

the case is random but i can always reproduce it by opening a folder and press "backspace" and then "enter" again multiple times and then poof.. explorer.exe crash..

can someone enlighten me on this.. i cant use system restore because i disable it. and i hate to reimage back my c: drive...
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  1. Delete the MachineThrottling registry entry in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions
  2. nope... there is no MachineThrottling entry at the path
  3. Can you run sfc /scannow in elevated command prompt?

    Also check event log and report what you find.

    Be prepare. There is a high chance that the solution for this problem is a re-installation of Window.
  4. i run the command but the problem still persist.... how to check event log?
  5. Try running checkDisk... also try doing a "repair" from your windows Cd...
  6. Check event log by typing "event log" in search.
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    Well, if explorer.exe is borked, you have some really serious problems with your windows install.

    How long has this been going on, and when did it start?
  8. i dont know.. it happens when i uninstall Internet Download Manager if im not mistaken... btw i already restored back the windows using the ASUS restore image... there goes all my programs and data ( it reimaged back the C: drive ).. it just weird it happened like that..
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