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i got the h50 cpu cooler, they said to set the pump to full throttle but how do i do that in bios? also what should q-control be enabled or disabled?

oh and my mobo is ASUS P7P55D PRO if that matters
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  1. Get into your BIOS and DISABLE anything like EIST (Intel Speedstep Technology) and C1E. These 2 items adjust your multiplier and voltages to throttle down your CPU when it is not being fully utilized. Disabling these things will keep your CPU clocked at top speed all the time.
  2. Sorry, I misread your post. Thought was CPU throttling not fan. Listen to dadiggle and also make sure in your BIOS that Quiet Fan is disabled so the board won't throttle the fan.
  3. yea but in bios. when i click on like cpu fan, it says xxxx rpm, and [ignored] , which do i select? also do i enable q fan control? or disable
  4. Disable Q Fan control... that is the "Quiet Fan" I am talking about.
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