New graphic card or add one to crossfire

I'm just getting to the point that I need to upgrade my PC.
Would you help me, pls.....

I'm currently runnig single X1950 XT on Asus p5w dh deluxe. It's overclocked a bit ;), but I still need more power on graphic site. Would you recomend buying new graphic card for this system or adding another x1950 Xt and making crossfire....

Which is going to be better value for money choice?

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  1. Get a new Card.Just tell us your budget so that we can make a suggestion.
  2. well... didn't think about it. xt1950 xt would cost me about £40 plus I would have to get new power supply as my oz is not strong enough (pluss crossfire would lift energy bill up, i think), so let say I'll have £90 to spend. Is it reasonable?
  3. And what are the specs of the rest of your computer?
  4. intel dual 6600, 2 * 1024 800Mhz Corsair DDR2 X2 (currently running on 850Mhz), but i'm just about to ad 2 * 2GB same make, freq and clock (if i'll find them somewere), or just another 2 * 1024 same Corsair.
    Is that make sense?
  5. Is the CPU a Core 2 duo e6600 or a pentium dual core?Anyways, get something like a GTS 250 or HD 5750.
  6. sorry it's Core 2 duo e6600
  7. OK then, the GTS 250 is a good option for you.
  8. +1 Tamz-msc, Get a new GPU. It will be a lot faster then 2 X1950s in crossfire. Look at toms article about best GPU for the money.,2732.html

    If you like ATI get the HD5750 of HD5770 if you can. Or Get the GTS 450 or the GTS 250 if you want to spend less then $100.
  9. thanks for all replies
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