Good psu?

hi im lookin at a new psu is this good?

qtec 650w )gold triple-fan)

it looks awesome is it any good
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  1. No
  2. No. It's junk, to put things nicely.

    QTec's Triple Fan 650W is clearly a joke power supply. From the triplet of cooling fans that battle against each other to cool very little, to the supposed ratings that don't even add up to 650W, finishing with the massive failure for the PSU to get anywhere near its rated output. At 350W the outputs started to fluctuate rapidly before settling down.

    By 450W, efficiency was dropping like a stone, input power increasing at a very rapid rate. At 50% efficiency and 900W of input power with the PSU making a horrible screeching sound, PD and I stood well back and recorded its demise on video. At 1100W of input power (1.1 kilowatts), it popped with a massive bang, the internal fuse letting go in impressive style.

    For its rediculously low cost, the QTec Triple Fan 650W can only be described as a clown's supply. Buy at your own peril and don't say we didn't warn you. The worst supply on test by quite some margin and a complete misadvertisement of capabilities, suckering people into a poor purchase.
  3. i agree, indeed watson
  4. Best buy right now are the XFX Core Edition (9.5 performance rating on and XFX Black Edition (10.0 rating) .... The Antec EA-650, TP-650 and Corsair TX-650 are almost as good but right now cost more on newegg. Mileage in your area may vary.
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