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Hi, been planning a build now for a while and will be able to finally build my gaming pc after income tax. My question is, do i have to scour through the Motherboards memory compatibility section on its web sight to find one of the memory units its compatible with? Or will most memory units, so long as the meet the type and speed requirements, work on any motherboard?
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  1. yeah thats pretty much my problem too, on the mobo sight it only gives me like 4-6 options for the ram type im looking for and usually cant find any of them!!!!... drives me bonkers
  2. most memory maker have on there web a link to see witch of the module that will match your board
  3. scout_03 said:
    most memory maker have on there web a link to see witch of the module that will match your board

    yes, and there lies my confusion. pretty much 75-90% of the modules in those lists i cant find or are not what im looking for. which brings me back to my question of as long as the speed (like 1333 or 1600) and type (ddr3) are correct will it work?
  4. what will be the name and model of motherboard
  5. RAM is RAM is "pretty much" true. What you're looking at with those compatibility lists is what the manufacturer has actually plugged into their boards and found to work up to their requirements. It does not mean that other modules won't work just as well. It does mean that the tested modules are "proven" to work. However, occasionally the memory manufacturer (as opposed to the MOBO Manufacturer) changes their design specs or build process and that can change the operating characteristics of the memory.

    My suggestion is "get memory that meets your requirements according to its specs and then test the hell out of it to make sure it works for you". Anything that fails should be RMA'd and replaced untill you get a set that works the way you want it to. So far I haven't had to RMA any yet but you never know.
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