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So I recently built a new rig (with the help of this community), and put it together about 10 days ago. Aside from an occasional video driver problem (seems to have the most trouble when running Minecraft, of all things, which crashes kinda often) it's been very smooth.

Then today I was playing Oblivion (love my old school games) and very suddenly the Power Supply (Antec TruePower 750 Blue) starting making a MASSIVE rattling sound. This went on for about 10 minutes, before it actually got a little WORSE. It was literally going at about 70+ decibels, I would have had to shout over it to have a conversation in the same room. So I'm thinking, well s***, I'll have to RMA this sucker, what a pain. I talked to newegg, got my RMA, etc, etc, everything is good to go.

Then AS I'm talking to the customer service guy and he's processing my request, it makes a huge loud thunk sound, as it if stopped spinning entirely, and reverted back to it's old, quiet state. The fan is properly running and everything, everything is hunky-dory.

I have a couple of days to decide whether to go ahead with the RMA or not, so I wanna' know, do healthy, regular PSU's occasionally do this? I mean, this sucker was making an incredible amount of HORRIBLE sound for a good hour, then it just totally stopped. Is this certainly a harbinger of things to come? Due to total lack of other troubles, could it be an outlier? HAS ANYBODY ELSE HAD A HEALTHY PSU VERY RARELY HAVE A LITTLE HISSY FIT AND MAKE A TON OF NOISE FOR 30 MINUTES OR AN HOUR THEN STILL LAST A FULL LIFETIME? I played some other games to test it, to see if it was the game performance causing it, and everything was fine. Any thoughts?

Overall specs:
Antec True Power 750 BLUE PSU
i5 760 w/ CoolerMaster hyper 212+
ASUS Sabertooth i55 mobo
2x2 GB G Skill Ripraw RAM
Double Zotac GeForce GTX 460 (768 MB) Gpu's in SLI
HD, optical drive standard, etc
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  1. I would go ahead with the RMA, a "healthy" PSU will not make noises as you've described.
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