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Vertical stripes

Hello everybody. I have recently built-up my first PC. I bought a sapphire HD5770 1 GB and connected via a VGA to my BenQ monitor E2220HD. My films and videos on VLC show periodically (every few seconds) vertical stripes. Many PC games show also problems and mostly they crash. It's possible that the VGA connection is responsible for that? I could connect the graphic cards and the monitor with a DVI cable. It will solve my problems? Thank you very much!
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    Sounds like a faulty video card... The VGA connection should work and so should the DVI...
    I doubt it that the crashing part will be solved by changing the connection type...
    If another card is available try and see if it solves your problems and if so return the card for replacement...
  2. It could be a faulty card as noble mentioned.
    Download the latest VGA drivers and see if it helps.
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