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I recently installed another EVGA GTX 570 SC and am seeing about a 5-8 degree difference in idle temperatures for my processor. Before I added the second card it was idling around 29-31c, now it's idling anywhere between 35-40c. 100% load I've yet to see it go over 57c, most of the time it sits around 50c while gaming (this is a gaming PC)

Are these reasonable temps for a i7 2600k at stock speed? If interested the case I'm using is the HAF X and I did install a second 200mm fan on top for out take.
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    Evidently, that second graphics card is hampering your air flow somewhere. Either that or it's dumping extra heat inside the case. But even with that, the temps are still fine. The upper limit for Sandy Bridge is 98ºC, so 70ºC is a good temp to stay below. You're still well below that.
  2. That's what I was thinking, I'm just waiting for the new 1155 mobos to come out and I'm gonna replace this one and hopefully get a better one that has more pcie x16 slots so that I can space the cards a little better. The setup I have right now they are pretty much right on top of each other.
  3. Are you using a stock cooler?

    I have almost the msame system as you bar the oc to 4.5 with a Corsair A70 but before the oc my temps were 18c - 25c, at full load 40c - 45c but it is also cold here in Dover

    Your temps are fine depending on the ambient temp
  4. Currently using the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, used the TX-3 thermal grease that came with it, probably should have bought another kind but it was all I had. I don't have a way to test ambient temp in the room right now, but if I had to guess I'd say its between 20c-25c in here, could be hotter.
  5. Good cooler there so i gues leaps idea that air flow obstructions maybe to blame, or cabling. The bast paste may shave a degree or 2 but either way you have nothing to worry about with those temps
  6. I think I might take the other GPU out and see if it goes back to normal, if not I think either me or my Dad might have accidentally bumped the cooler, may have to reseat it. Gonna try some different things out tomorrow, thanks for the information guys, it's appreciated. Wish I could give both of you best answer.
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  8. That kind of rise is unexpected in the HAF-X. Run OCCT GPU and CPU tests and check out the temperature graphs at end. 98 shuts it down but most report that design life starts to be affected in mid to hi 70's.
  9. Really weird, after running the two tests my cpu seems to be idling from 31-33c and both of my GPUs use to hover around 40c at idle, now ones at 35c and the other is at 36c.

    Edit: The cpu temp is really weird, i won't be doing anything at all, just staring at the temp reading and it'll jump 5-6 degrees for no apparent reason. It will sit around 33c and it'll all of a sudden jump to 40c.
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