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hi i wasn't sure what part of the forum to put this so i hope this is the right place.
I have a annoying problem my hard drive activity light doesn't seem to be working everything else is fine hard drive boots up system is fine just no light.
my case is a corsair 400r and my mobo is a rampage 4 extreme every thing seems to be pluged in.The computer is only about 4 weeks old so its probably not the light.
If someone knows the actual place where it plugs in to the motherboard so i could have a better check that would be great.
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    It plugs into the motherbd's front panel header section. Consult your motherbds owners manual for which set of pins is the hdd_led. The from panel connector is usually labelled right on the connector. If the connector is properly connected and your drive is not using an add in card (like a raid card) then unplug the connector and spin it around 180 and plug it back in. and try again. If that doesn't fix it, then the wiring or led is faulty.
  2. You the man it fixed it now running perfect fancy that thank you very very much
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