Motherboard heating up (not CPU)

I just custom made my computer, however, the remote temperature and temp 2 on the speedfan indicated a 72 degree Celsius (it might be from the msi X58 pro motherboard). Good to note, that my CPU is 28 degree and GPU is 42 degree. Just wondering is that going to be a big problem?

Let me rephrase this.....i think my mother board is burning up at 72C. Is that bad? and what can i do about it?

intel i7 950
CPU fan Zellman 9900 series
nvidia 9400gt
psu 650watts 12v at 35 amp
cooler master haf 912
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  1. I wouldn't worry Speedfan often picks up hot temps due to the sensors it uses.

    Try running OCCT and monitor the temps with the inbuilt sensors and HWmonitor.
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    Speedfan is good for Intel CPU core temps... but the sensors for the chipset and GPU are sometimes way off. If you really think your board is burning, there is a simple test. When it is reporting 72C, open the case and lightly touch the heatsink on the chipset. It is copper with MSI on the top. If you lightly touch it and it doesn't feel like it will burn you... then touch it a little more firmly. If it doesn't feel like a hot coffee cup, just like slightly warm water... nothing is burning up.

    You can also just put your hand near the components and try to feel ambient heat. If any of the parts have more ambient heat than the CPU or GPU... then something might be too hot. But I really doubt the readings for the MB sensors in Speedfan. It told me my chipset sensor was 100 C, but if I touch it, it is very cool. Not much warmer than my ambient air temperature in the case.
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