Help build gaming PC <600$

Hi everyone,
I have been reading around at some requested builds but havnt found one that seems to be hitting me quite right. Heres my dealio

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: i will be getting it b4 xmas

BUDGET RANGE: 500-600 no higher than 600 after rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS, Speakers, Mouse, and Keyboard, Monitor

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: ANY u suggest that are reliable


PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type, don't really care.


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: YES if possible to reach my price range if not then no


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Just graduated college and got a job and xmas is comming up so i am buying a brand new gaming PC RIGHT NOW so immediately when i get the answer i will be purchasing it so Im looking to be able to play the brand new PC intensive games that have just released and will be releasing in the next year or so, i am requesting the best possible performance pc for the money and it will need to last at least 2 years. Thank you all so much in advance!!!

here are some system specs a game i have been wanting to play has its called Continent of the Ninth or C9 not sure how high these spec are BUT i really would like to be FASTER than these specs if we can stay at <600$. I REALLY need your guys help here. ALSO one more thing, i need to make sure that all the parts would work together, i dont want to order them and find out that a certain motherboard doesnt work with XX item. so please help me out i am desperate!
System requirements

CPU: or Intel dual-core 3.0GHz
Graphic Card: , Geforce 8800 series------is it POSSIBLE to get a much better card than this and still stay in my price range of <600$??????
Directx: Direct X 9,0C
10 gig free space
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  1. Really, mian?

    I think we can do better than a 2.8 Processor.

    Samsung DVD burner 22x: $15.99

    Rosewill Destroyer case: $49.99

    Seagate 1 TB Barracuda 7200.12 Hard drive: $49.99
    Not quite as fast as the samsung, but $20 cheaper right now!

    AS Rock 870 Extreme 3 Motherboard $79.99
    USB 3, SATA 3, 16x single or 8x/8x crossfire for video.

    MSI HD6850 1 GB Video card: $189.99

    Sea Sonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze PSU: $59.99
    there is no more reliable PSU company, and 80+ Bronze means savings on your power bill. It can handle 2 6850s in crossfire too.

    Mushkin 4GB DDR3-1333: $49.99 w/ $10 MIR
    $40 for 4 GB is great!

    AMD Phenom II X3 740 Black Edition Heka 3.0GHz. $68.99
    3 cores are all you need for most games, this has a chance to gt a 4th. its Black edition so a simple bios action can overclock it if needed. Its OEM so it needs a fan:

    CoolerMaster Hyper 212+: $29.99 w/ $15 MIR

    total: $594.91
  2. agree with ur point and some of selections but my selection was according to my preference for quality build not for a cheaper build.

    Newer games are utilizing all 4 cores these days and having another core at hand then 0.2Ghz advantage makes no sense. i would prefer Asus brand as a Mobo as in my previous experience it has been solid all the time. also in ur selection is a tad lower Ram and HDD and a 520w PSU wont be enough for a long term build. about the casing, well it mostly depends on the buyer himself.

    ScrewySqrl hope u aren't offended by my reply, these r just my opinions. Peace !!
  3. no problem. AS Rock *is* a branch of ASUS, btw. I try to go with quality that remain inexpensive.

    since the 740 is a black edition, it can easily be a 3.5 GHz without voltage changes, just up the multiplier to 17.5x.

    also I consider 3.0 GHz a minimum speed. at $69, its hard to argue with the 740 right now, IMHO. You could also consider an Athlon II X3 445/450, or X4 640.
  4. well at 69$ its an OEM so in reality its 100$ with the heatsink and fan (though it would be at least better then the stock one form intel). here is another model which i think can be a contender for cpu
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