Dual monitors - one VGA and second HDMI TV

Can I connect dual monitors with the monitor to VGA and the TV to HDMI if the computer has both vga and HDMI?
I am wanting to mirror the image from the monitors so they are the same
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  1. Yes this is quite common. You may have to change some video settings though.
  2. I know you can have both hooked up to your computer...Through display properties dialogue box you go to the settings tab & click it & on the top area there should be a large box & if you have two monitors,tv's etc,hooked on it should show there & should have a number for each...Like the one you originally hooked onto would be shown as #1 & the second one you are hooked up to would be #2...The larger box with either number one or two would be the one that is known as the primary display...When you hover your mouse pointer over the larger box it will have a message saying primary dislpay...I remember getting both to show up exactly the same at one time but since I needed the other display for another computer I unhooked after a while...I am no IT pro though,but the way how done it was to make both of those box's the same size (that show up in the dialogue box settings tab as #1 & #2)...Maybe I was just lucky,but they both showed up at the same time :pt1cable: ...Although I may have forgot every single detail that I done to get both to show up,I still done it :) ...So have a tinker around & you maybe able to get both to show at the same time like I did :pt1cable: ...I used the XP Pro operating system & I think I had the plain service pack 2 installed only :) ...Good Luck...
  3. Yes, tell us what operating system and someone can tell you exactly how to do it.
  4. Jim_L9 said:
    Yes, tell us what operating system and someone can tell you exactly how to do it.

    I just came across this thread and I think it pertains to my question. So I picked you to get an answer.

    Question: I have a Acer Aspire 7738g notebook with a Nvidia GeForce GT 240m video card. I have one monitor connected via the VGA port. Can I use the HDMI port on my Aspire to connect the other monitor (it has HDMI connection)? The end result that I am hoping to obtain is to have dual monitors that act as one (so I can drag windows from one monitor to the other).

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