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Ok guys I'm trying to put a comp together for my Mom she is a hard core Wow playa. What I am stuck on right now is should I get a Quad core or six core PSU? She is looking to spend about 2,000-2,500 on a comp. She is ordering all the parts and going to have bestbuy put it together for her.
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  1. It would help if you could fill out the proper format.

    Her budget is incredibly high for a WoW machine. This 1k build is already overkilling it.
  2. I'd have to agree with karma831. While WoW is a multi-threaded app, 6 cores is too much. Even with Cataclysm a couple weeks away, the need for 6 cores just isn't there. If WoW is the main function of this build, use a quad core. For better performance, get a 200 series (or better) nVidia card or a 5000 series (or better) Ati card. Lastly, to understand the limitations of gpu vs fps, read this article:
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