Shader 2.0 and more

I recently moved away from home and am currently looking for a laptop for both work and play.

The game im most intrested in has these requirements:

and the laptop that i think is suited:

My major concern is the Shader 2.0, not entirely sure it will run it.

So basically does this laptop have whats required to run the game 'League of Legends' and if not do you know of any within the price range of £400.

Thx in advance, Trav
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  1. Considering that SM 2.0 became standardized in 2001, I'd be shocked if any new PC build's didn't have support, even with onboard chipsets...

    As the 4200 is technically DX10.1 capable (I wouldn't try it though, for performance reasons), it supports SM 2.0.
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