Why does my computer shut down while running some apps

why does my computer shut down when im playing a couple apps on facebook? it only does it when im playing the madden one and texas holdem. also it shuts down when my kids are playing on the club penguin site. it works for a little bit but after a few minutes it just shuts down.
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    Try checking CPU and GPU temps first, it could be overheating. Also your PSU too.
  2. What browser are you using? My friend has this kind of problem except he can't even open Facebook. Every time he opens it, the PC crash.
  3. 1. Download OCCT and run the GPU / CPU tests. If it passes those, heat isn't the problem.

    2. What does event viewer say when you reboot ?
  4. Did you do any recent upgrades on the computer? Add memory or a new graphics card? If no, then you probably have a heat issue or a driver issue.

    But if you have added something, that would be the first thing to check out. Or if you have recently installed any new drivers via Windows update, you could have a software or driver problem.

    But as the above posters have stated, heat is usually your first issue to check out. Then memory, then power supply. If all of your hardware is ok, then it's time to check into your software or drivers. Viruses can also cause drivers or Windows components to fail. So if you haven't upgraded or installed anything lately, make sure you have a good up to date anti-virus and do a full scan.
  5. What do you mean shut down? Powers off or BSODs?
  6. The computer completely shuts off if I'm playing any of those 3 things that i mentioned for a long period of time. All my drivers are up to date and I don't have any viruses. Also the one side is very dusty where the vent is. How do I take that off to clean it?
  7. JackNaylorPE said:
    1. Download OCCT and run the GPU / CPU tests. If it passes those, heat isn't the problem.

    2. What does event viewer say when you reboot ?

    where do i download occt from? i googled it but i want to make sure im downloading the right thing. also how do i know if it passes. does it tell you?
  8. after i did occt the computer sent me graphs and they said the cpu is too hot. now what do i do? ok. i took off the vent and cleanes the crap out of it. there was so much dust in there. also is was running really loud but now it is quiet. i think that was the problem. thanks for all the help.
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  10. kgouldo1.....please tell me more about solving your problem, i`m having the same problem with mine
    My computer turns off when playing facebook games, and also it`s loud
    i don`t understand what is occt, gpu, cpu...please tell me!!!
    my boyfriend made a formatting and reinstall new windows but the problem still exist
    thanks in advantage, NB
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